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Prioritized labels

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Other labels

  • PriorityBlocker
    Alchemy Viewer
    An issue that needs to be addressed immediately and with as many resources as is required. Such an issue causes a full outage or makes a critical function of the product to be unavailable for everyone, without any known workaround.
  • ServerOpenSim
    Alchemy Viewer
    Open Simulator
  • ServerSecondLife
    Alchemy Viewer
    LindenLab SecondLife™ Server
  • StatusAccepted
    Alchemy Viewer
    Issue was accepted by the development team and is awaiting work.
  • Issue is currently waiting for a developer
  • StatusInvestigating
    Alchemy Viewer
    Issue under investigation from development team
  • StatusNeedsMoreInfo
    Alchemy Viewer
    Issue in need of more information from reporter
  • TypeBug
    Alchemy Viewer
    A glitch in the matrix.
  • TypeImprovement
    Alchemy Viewer
    A suggested improvement to existing functionality
  • TypeNew Feature
    Alchemy Viewer
    A suggestion for new functionality
  • TypeSupport
    Alchemy Viewer
    A support issue requiring direct team response to a user issue