Normal Release

AVX Release


  • Added: Per suggestion an option to turn off "Return" triggering the default inventory action when an item is selected.
  • Added: Simple performance report tab to Advanced Complexity Window.
  • Added: Face count to complexity calculation.
  • Added: Alexa Starlight as Patreon Patron.
  • Added: Kaymayhem as Patreon Patron.
  • Added: Seren Villiers as Patreon Patron.
  • Changed: Make notification for unticking "Remember Account" more clear and change the pointers to the correct preferences tab.
  • Changed: Move requesting balance to after the Inventory is opened and initialized.
  • Changed: Version to 3.9.1.
  • Fixed: Profile can't be closed via CTRL + W.
  • Fixed: Animations cannot be played backwards anymore.
  • Fixed: Derender list being cleared when double-click teleporting or teleporting inside the same region.
  • Fixed: Notification "move" buttons not working anymore.
  • Fixed: Crash when failing to cache an image.
  • Fixed: Compile.
  • Fixed: Crash when selecting HUD objects.
  • Fixed: Preferences title inconsistencies.
  • Misc: Cleaned up llpreviewanim.cpp a bit.
  • Merge Linden Release. (357 Changes)