Normal Release

AVX Release


  • Added: Voice indicator to nametag when Voice is on but we're not speaking.
  • Added: Option to local snapshots to enable camera aspect ratio scaling just like in inventory shots.
  • Changed: Require only trans and copy permissions to save textures into presets.
  • Changed: Change the Fixed Environment editor title to inform the user that they cannot save a preset unless they swap to a preset with permissions.
  • Changed: Match the pay object and avatar floaters to the new LL layout, including the description bar.
  • Changed: Make Return deselects chatbar option also deselect IM chat. (Requested)
  • Changed: Version to 4.0.2.
  • Fixed: Poser cannot delete presets containing certain special characters.
  • Fixed: Fixed Environment editor does not save presets properly and deletes custom textures even when we have the permissions for them.
  • Fixed: Local snapshot being squished when snapshots are taken at lower-than-window resolution.
  • Fixed: Terrain Quality option getting stuck at low/medium.
  • Removed: Object Cache option and disabled it in code as it was solely there to cause issues.
  • Removed: Save snapshot to Profile (as it is currently broken in LL Viewer too).